Eastern Brahman Extravaganza - Open Brahman Show

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Our Inaugural  ABBA "style" open Brahman show will be held at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair on September 9, 2019.  We will be showing to ABBA rules and we will have an ABBA judge, Alfredo Muskus of the Santa Eleana Ranch as well as Chris Shivers of Infinity Cattle Services judging our Showmanship classes.   Our show will be fun,  friendly and informative.  We hope to see you there!

Eastern Brahman Extravaganza


Open Brahman and Commercial Brahman Show

The Eastern Brahman Breeders Association (EBBA) in conjunction with the North Carolina Mountain State Fair is hosting the Eastern Brahman Extravaganza  open Brahman Show.  The show will be on September 9th, 2019 (4:00 pm) at the Western North Carolina Agriculture Center located in Fletcher, North Carolina (just outside of Asheville, NC)  The Show will be for Registered Brahman Cattle and Commercial Brahman influenced heifers.  We will show to ABBA rules except that Grey and Red Brahmans will show in the same classes this first year.  Help us reach our goal of having 40 registered head of Brahman show.  If we can achieve this goal two years in a row the ABBA will sanction our show.    

Classes, Entries and Rules

At the bottom of this page is a list of downloadable PDFs about our show, rules and regulations and classes.  Many of these files are also on the NC Mountain State Fair website. All entries for the show must be completed online through the NC Mountain State Fair website, no entries will be accepted mailed in. Entry Dealine is August 9th, no entries will be accepted after this date.  If you have any problems entering online please contact us and we will help your through the process.  In addition there is a PDF file at the bottom of this page with instructions and a link to enter online.   

WE HAVE ADDED A SHOWMANSHIP  CLASS - Both for Juniors and Seniors.  These classes will be free to enter and you will be able to sign up for them when you check in with your cattle.  

WE HAVE ALSO ADDED A HERDSMAN AWARD.  Everyone attending will be judged on their Herdsman-ship.  Things that the judges will be looking at include:  Your barn setup including originality and cleanliness, Your animals appearance and their area, Your knowledge of your animals including their age and pedigrees, Your appearance and manners AND  helping and mentoring others that may need guidance or encouragement 

Friendly and Fun Opportunity to meet Brahman Folks

Our main goal is to have our show be friendly and fun!  An opportunity for everyone to catch up with old Brahman Friends and also meet new Brahman Friends too.  

Check-in is listed as starting 6 pm on Sunday the 8th, the barn has to clear out Sunday after a big junior beef steer and heifer show before we can get in.  If you are traveling a long distance we can make arrangements for early check-in starting at 4pm, but you must contact the EBBA to make arrangements.  In addition you may check in on Monday between 8 am -12 noon. 

Sunday evening social 

Monday Program, Lunch and Silent Auction.  Informative program with industry leaders including a quick showmanship clinic with the beginner in mind.

Brahman Show starts at 4 pm with Registered Brahmans showing first and then Brahman Influenced Heifer show immediately following.  For folks interested the Fair is hosting an Open All Breed Heifer Show immediately after our show if you have a heifer you would like to show in the All Breed class.  Alfredo Muskus will also be the judge for this class.   

Sponsorship Opportunities

We appreciate the gracious support of our members.  We could not host a show of this caliber without every ones generous support.  The entry fees are set by the NC Fair Regulations at $6/entry and that money goes to the NC Fair folks.   

We have sponsorship opportunities ranging from sponsoring a Grand Champion Buckle, hanging a banner in the arena all the way down to donating something to our silent auction.  Click the link at the bottom of the page to download our Sponsorship information form. 

Silent Auction - Consider donating an item to our  silent auction and/or bidding on items to support our Eastern Brahman Breeders Association.

EBBA Proud - Purchase an Eastern Brahman Breeders Association ball cap, T-shirt or other cool EBBA swag.

Private Treaty Animals

We will have available Private Treaty placards you can hang in front of each animal you bring that you would consider offering "Private Treaty".  All animals brought must be entered in show.   

Contact Person

For questions about the show please contact Cyana Briles, EBBA - President

using our Contact Form  or text or call her personally (336) 410-2126. Follow us on Facebook for additional updates